China's automobile industry enters a critical period of transformation

06 December 2018, 08:25 source: Economic reference daily
Original title: China's auto industry enters the critical period of transformation

Xinhua news agency and Xinhua News Agency "economic reference daily" led the "Xinhua brand of national brand engineering, auto action", 5, in the "2018 Chinese entrepreneurs Boao forum" officially launched. On the same day, "the new action of China's auto industry" forum, many experts said that China's automotive industry has entered a key transformation period, including consumer upgrading, the growth of the automotive market and the deepening of opening up to the outside world. All these factors are driving the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, improving quality and efficiency, in order to meet the changing market competition.

Zhang Chaowen, editor in chief of the economic reference daily, said that after more than 100 years of development, the global automotive industry ushered in an unprecedented stage of change and development. With the continuous breakthroughs in energy revolution and new materials and new generation of information technology, the form and mode of production of automobile industry are undergoing a profound transformation. At the same time, new technologies also bring new demands and innovations in business models. All of these have brought new demands and challenges for automobile enterprises to win market competitive advantages in the new era.

In view of the future development of the automobile industry, the deputy general manager of Beiqi group, Jiang Zili, said that production and sales have come down faster than expected, which has increased the sense of crisis in the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry. Over the past few decades, China's automobile industry has made great progress, but more and more independent brands remain at the low end or low end. The biggest difference is brand.

Wang Dongsheng, deputy secretary of the Limited by Share Ltd of the Jianghuai auto group, seems to have seen some new changes in the downward trend of the auto market this year. "Taking Jianghuai as an example, the total number of our light trucks is decreasing, but the total volume of our high-end brand products is rising, and the total volume of our traditional cars is decreasing, but the total number of new energy vehicles has increased considerably." Wang Dongsheng believes that this change shows that the traditional mode of vehicle growth into the cold winter, we must promote the development of high quality.

Ding Lei, founder, chairman and CEO of the Chinese express technology company, said that the future revolution of the whole vehicle technology is mainly in two aspects of new energy and vehicle networking. This is also the main direction of the main engine plants now. In terms of new energy sources, apart from battery technology and hydrogen energy technology, various energy technologies are also the commanding heights for major manufacturers to compete.

Jiang Zili believes that the next two or three years, China's vehicle industry will enter a consolidation period, and then will enter a micro growth era.

"Catching up is not easy. It is more difficult to surpass. The fiercest competition has yet to come. Following the wind, you can fly faster, and you can fly higher on the contrary wind. Change is the eternal topic of the automobile industry. Only those enterprises with strength, accumulation and preparation can seize opportunities and transform pressure into motive force and remain invincible in change. Zhang Chaowen said. (reporter Li Zhiyong Zhong Yuan)

(Editor: Wang Qing, Hu Yigong)

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