The "new four modernizations" racing ride car giant unparalleled sense of crisis

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Original title: "new four modernizations" racing ride car giant unparalleled sense of crisis

GM, TOYOTA sought "China knife card"

The "new four modernizations" racing ride car giant unparalleled sense of crisis

Has been pushed the transformation of the global auto industry Domino is hitting the American car giant general.

Recently, GM announced a restructuring plan to the largest area of North America in recent years. According to the plan, the general preparation substantially reduced the scale of production in North America, North America may be closed up to 5 factories, and two factories outside North america. In addition, General Motors announced a cut of 15% salaried employees, including 1/4 company executives, a total of about 14 thousand and 700 jobs. The restructuring plan before the end of 2020 will reduce GM's cost $4 billion 500 million, and will increase to $6 billion in cash flow.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the first contraction of business scale, general launched a storm of change is due to the global auto industry surging to the "electric network, intelligent and sharing" change what.

GM CEO Mary Bora said: "the car industry changes rapidly, we must ensure that are ready to respond to these changes, the initiative aims to strengthen our core business."

This sharp CEO to the media said, despite the strong momentum of development, the company currently profitable, but she wants to "take action" now, let GM ready to maintain profitability in the economic downturn, while maintaining in electric vehicles and automatic driving car on the field of new technology investment.

"Factory layoffs" in the unexpected general transformation is reasonable

Some analysts believe that the firm will GM this transition was unexpected. On the one hand, although sales growth is less than expected, but the North American market is still the most important one of the common market. In 2017, GM total annual sales of 8 million 900 thousand vehicles in the North American market contributed more than 3 million vehicles. On the other hand, the plan provoked an attempt "to manufacturing and jobs back to the United States" President Trump, may lead to the risk of falling into "general subsidies were cut in the.

Sure enough, the factory closed "general plan voice, Tran Prih Ma on twitter said, was" very disappointed "with the closure of a number of general production base in Ohio Prefecture in the decision, and said he is considering all of GM's cut subsidies.

In the view of senior automotive commentator Ling Ran, despite the force of the speed of the transformation to many industry insiders' surprise, but its consistent market logic behind a series of changes in general recently launched.

"GM is able to represent the United States automobile manufacturing enterprise logo." Ling Ran said, "historically, general and not meets the market risk of the downturn, it has been quietly cultivating technology. For example, by the program technology of electric vehicles is the general method, and the related research report shows that the current automotive autopilot technology R & D capability is also ranked in the world."

According to his analysis, from keeping good assets, to dare with the American president general rivalry, the emergency U-turn, consistent with its logic to deal with the world automobile market changes. You can see that a series of actions is to consider the general long-term survival of enterprises, in order to cope with the short-term rather than a single market. The real good steel used in the world market edge, which is common with 'world' choice."

From crisis to opportunity for traditional car prices transformation of the road is not flat

To some extent, the traditional automobile industry is facing "the old force has done, Sony is not" dilemma, not only the ceiling industry gradually, the future intelligent competition from another "rising slowly on the horizon". Many car companies in the same die, fear will die transformation "," how to transition out of vacuum ", many car companies become an urgent need to solve the problem.

In fact, in general, have been thought to be "conservative" TOYOTA has also recently launched a new round of company organization structure adjustment. It is reported that TOYOTA will cancel a management position in the management level, the lower level positions; senior management personnel will be in charge of business executive director, vice president level and the company will not change. Through the adjustment of TOYOTA, the company cut the size of the management, the organization structure of the flat.

TOYOTA President Akiotoyoda said, by cutting the company's organizational structure, TOYOTA will be able to make decisions faster than ever, and act quickly. "The big knife company organizational structure has been widely interpreted as TOYOTA to" new four modernizations "new wave signal to accelerate the transition to a" mobile service provider ".

In his opinion, science and technology company is TOYOTA's new competitors, "they speed many times faster than us, there are a lot of financial support. Our competitors and the rules of the game have been changed, the unknown is the beginning of a battle a life-and-death matter".

Although TOYOTA is regarded as the world's most profitable car companies, but in the 2018 global automotive forum, TOYOTA motor (China) Investment Limited company deputy general manager Dong Changzheng said, at present, TOYOTA internal cost control efforts "to hitherto unknown".

"The car industry uncertainty and a sense of crisis, I think it is hitherto unknown. TOYOTA has a history of 80 years, but the changes in the last two years the TOYOTA and TOYOTA executives, sense of urgency and crisis is never." Dong Changzheng bluntly, the traditional auto giants like TOYOTA to "tighten their belts" moment.

"After all, the future of new technology investment is not a penny, two cents, TOYOTA is now a year's profit is $about 20000000000. If you do not tighten the belt, to win the battle for the future is absolutely not enough." Dong Changzheng said, now TOYOTA discussed problem, not this year, next year to how much profit, nor how to lead the development of the industry, but the future how can survive in this industry".

In Chinese hundreds of electric vehicle will be the Secretary General and chief expert Zhang Yongwei opinion, the transformation of car prices to the service provider is a huge challenge for car prices, in the ability to gradually develop when not forming, although the restructuring hastily can become a trap, but the transformation is still the inevitable trend.

"The past car enterprises engaged in R & D, mostly invested 3% to 10% of revenues, is gradual, rolling development. But the Internet has become a mainstream in burn mode of travel market, car prices, this change is facing major challenges." Zhang Yongwei said, "the car prices, because of the fierce competition in the market, investment to the car's resource is already stretched, in the existing business to increase new business investment, will face great difficulties."

Ling Ran said that although the transformation has become the world auto giant consensus, but the world is still in the car pattern "train" stage. At this stage, the traditional technology take the transition to new technology, the black technology being used for commercial production, will be the focus of attention of the auto giants."

In advance to accelerate the new change process in China will change the global auto industry Li Yong forefront

From reference and imitation to positive development, from encourage car into the family "to 9 consecutive years ranked the world's first automobile production and sales, 40 years of reform and opening up, Chinese automobile industry to actively join the wave of change in the world automobile industry. An industry is known to all, the transformation in the global auto industry to the "new four modernizations" in the process of Chinese is becoming a new hot spot.

In the Chinese electric vehicle hundred chairman Chen Qingtai seems, on the one hand, Chinese in advance, the first to start the electric vehicle power technology, has been widely recognized around the world, won the first ". On the other hand, China strong Internet, artificial intelligence and electronic information industries and enterprises to enter into the automotive industry, some city has begun the layout of 5G, all of these provide strong support for the future development of electric vehicles.

At present, Changan, SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Chery, BAIC, GAC, BYD, Geely and other traditional car prices are making the development strategy of intelligent vehicles and new energy vehicles and planning. Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet companies also have to participate in a variety of ways not resigned to playing second fiddle, intelligent network to automobile industry chain, to accelerate the intelligent automobile industry penetration and layout.

According to the relevant expected, by 2030, electric vehicle production and sales China market will be more than 15 million vehicles, automatic driving different levels of basic popularization, car ownership is expected to reach 80 million vehicles.

"The market is increasingly liberalized to attract global company to participate in the main parts, the major car companies have entered the market to make China deployment, Chinese seeking partners." Chen Qingtai said, these factors are expected to make Chinese can attract innovation resources and more factors of production, the formation of cooperation and competition coexist together, become a global electric vehicle from the vehicle to the battery components, from hardware to software, from production to research and development of a piece of land".

China youth - Youth Online Source: Chinese Youth Daily reporter Cheng Honghe

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