2018 Home Internet Conference car world coffee Hui held

In November 2018 09, 08:53 source: Beijing Morning News Network

In November 8th, the 2018 World Conference of the Internet car home coffee "having a lance sideward and poetizing was successfully held in Wuzhen Hui". Will the car home, chairman and CEO Liumin issued a "keynote speech of new marketing - new future, the new marketing trends and nearly two years the car home in the new practice and new layout of automobile intelligent marketing do share.

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At the same time, Lu Min officially announced: the car home in 8 2019 18, held the first world's first "Chinese online show", the new power marketing.

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Automobile marketing -- new trend of value as the core is the "soul of smart marketing"

Now the Chinese car market slowdown, more production than sales, usher in a new round of consumer upgrades, for more than 100 China traditional car prices on the market and nearly 300 new cars to compete in such forces, the Red Sea market, we need to re-examine the change of brand positioning, marketing strategy, marketing model, with more high quality products and services, to meet the new consumer trend, the market transformation.

The traditional marketing is starting from the product, marketing channels rely on the experience and knowledge of mankind, carpet bombing and therefore widely used to cover advertising exposure. Because the defects of poor precision, long cycle and the effect is not controllable has been difficult to meet the requirements of the times.

The new marketing focus on the consumer value, people oriented, not only can achieve accurate touch up, highly interactive, controllable results and high efficiency, and can meet the requirements of the "difference thousand faces", greatly enhance the marketing effect, "fast, accurate and relentless" power plant to solve the host public opinion, research, design and development, manufacturing sales and service the whole link link challenge. The direction for car enterprises marketing revolution, has become a breakthrough in the automotive industry to deal with the weak market.

The new automobile marketing practice -- massive data is the core basis for realizing intelligent marketing

From the beginning of 2016, car home to overcome the data, applications, personnel, system four obstacles in the development of large data services to the server, increased from 1500 units to more than 6000 units; increase the data from 200 people to more than 800 people; the amount of data is thousands of times the total growth of over 100PB.

Based on the advantages of big data, after nearly a year of practice, the car home to establish peace with big data UVN-B differential group model, namely the user based differential group, demand differential group and value differential group, differential group purchase stage behavior, to achieve the same people, the same transformation, the marketing power of precise touch and transformation.

The new automobile marketing practice -- direct car enterprises core needs to lead the auto new marketing revolution

The core needs of the host plant is sales promotion, if you want to increase sales will need to upgrade to store conversion rate, increase the number of clues and purchase intention, and to do that, you must allow more people to understand and pay attention to the product, so the OEM brand wide coverage.

In practice there are three key intelligent marketing: mental occupation, interception, step by step into step by step. The traditional marketing thinking through the powerful resource "widely" occupied the minds of consumers, more suitable for the FMCG retail sector; content marketing through high quality content lead user interest, and spread a large capacity to achieve sales conversion, FMCG and slow consumer category are suitable for this model; intelligent marketing, in the mind occupied step by step and transformation between, increased step by step to intercept links, more suitable for the automotive field of rational consumption.

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Intelligent marketing can also accurately cut all stages of users, potential customers and customer conversion. Intelligent marketing users will be divided into three stages, the first stage, the two stage, the users of the three stage, a step by step through the accurate delivery to promote conversion, turn into the potential customer 1, 2, 3 potential customer potential customer, will be transformed into the customer potential customer. This will be a lot of variables may be transformed into competitive products, so we need to advance to lock the customer to shop online, and then further lock, ensure the real customers.

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It is reported that, at present, the existing 8 plant with the car home in the smart marketing depth of cooperation has achieved remarkable results, significantly improve the whole Car Buying cycle layer transformation. 11 other strategic partners with the car home is promoting a new round of new marketing cooperation. In the new marketing cooperation, OEMs and automotive home will both advance set goals, large data docking, highly interactive time adjustment scheme, with online and offline interaction, play their respective advantages, truly intelligent marketing accurate, efficient and controllable advantage.

Automobile marketing future new exploration -- Taking ABC as the core enabling enterprises, to create a closed loop ecological intelligent vehicle

At present, the car home is accelerating towards intelligent 3.0 platform, build around the "new strategy of 4+1 intelligent automotive ecosystem", through the ABC (artificial intelligence AI\ big data Big data\ cloud computing Cloud) technology continues to create a more accurate empowerment project, further realize the maximum value of users and customers of. The future research direction and strategic layout of the car home to launch the following measures:

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A car, ecological strategy enabling businesses to form a closed loop ecological car

In the To C user terminal entrance, to provide more convenient, more professional, more precise car, car, car, car, car and car travel life related services for users.

The establishment of business cloud platform in To B, to build a private cloud, have access to the host plant cloud, cloud, cloud, the dealer used car parts, cloud cloud, car home cloud service output capacity will be better. The above services in multidimensional car home stereo data support system, form a complete closed-loop ecological intelligent vehicle. To solve for the host plant in research and development, marketing, sales and service of comprehensive program. Let the consumer and the host manufacturers, dealers, service market online and offline connection, enhance the industry trade efficiency, realize the industry profit sharing and win-win.

At the end of the platform, intelligent platform of intelligent marketing, intelligent service, intelligent transaction and intelligent financial and other aspects of the service content is becoming more and more perfect.

Two, held the first Chinese online show

In August 18, 2019, the car home will be held 100 million people participating first China online auto show - the world's first online show AR. Then, full coverage transmission car home will also organize TV communication, media communication and large forum, OEMs and dealers sold two new releases and correct, and online than offline show show 100 times the exhibition scale for the OEMs is great benefits.

Three, open the C2B bidirectional driving the new marketing revolution, enhance the consumer experience, enabling enterprises to enhance vehicle products

The car home will continue to launch AR car, to restore the true effect of vehicle to maximize the user in real scene using 3D rendering technology, covering the 500 car model, support the body appearance, interior 720 degree display, vehicle road simulation, the parameters of a vehicle information display and other functions, to meet user demand for cars, Car Buying technology.

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What kind of attitude to embrace the industrial revolution, new retail, new marketing, automotive industry worth of old and new ones for a longer time, thinking into the deeper to find the answer. Big data, intelligent strategy, content advantage, build eco car, let the car home become more emboldened new retail, new marketing agents, sustained empowerment and help the host manufacturers industry is booming.

(commissioning editor E Zhichao and Wu Xiaoqin)

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